April 17th, 2021
Saturday at 11:30 am
Virtual Concert by the Merz Piano Trio


Franz Joseph Haydn

Piano Trio No. 45 in E-flat Major, Hob. XV/29

Johannes Brahms

Piano Trio in B Major, Op. 8

Merz Piano Trio

Formed in 2017, this young trio has made a sweep of top U.S. competitions, taking gold medals at the 2019 Fishoff and 2018 Chesapeake Competitions. Based in Boston, the Merz Trio is the current Professional Trio in Residence at the New England Conservatory of Music.

Merz Piano Trio website

Merz Piano Trio

Merz Piano Trio

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This is a virtual event. Tickets are $15 per person.

The concert will be available at the date and time shown. If you cannot view it initially, your ticket will allow you to see it once during the two weeks after the initial broadcast.

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