This season features composers
from different time periods


CCMS 2018–19 Season’s
Composer and Composition Time Lines

It is always interesting to see how the body of Western classical music has been built, composer by composer, work by work, sometimes overlapping, sometimes not. This time line shows what a wide range of music we will be listening to this season: our first composer (Mozart) was born in 1756 and our most recent composer (Khachaturian), died in 1978, a span of 222 years in all. The music itself was written over nearly 150 years, some experimental for the period but now familiar (after all, Beethoven was revolutionary in his own time), some conservative and traditional. This season, we will be hearing twice from two towering giants, Mozart and Ravel, pillars at either end of the musical spectrum in both respects. We hope you find this little chart helpful in putting things into perspective.


By Louise Smith

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